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With Brandman you get

  • A one-stop shop for all your communication and marketing needs.
  • Specialized advice in strategic branding and digital marketing.
  • A human portal to the massive layer of highly-skilled and affordable freelancers in Copenhagen.
  • An opportunity to be a big customer at a small agency instead of a small customer at a big agency.

If you are curious about Brandman’s concept, have any questions, or need some quick advice you are always welcome to contact Brandman on:


+ 45 91 25 45 15

Kill an ad and save your calendar

Head counts aren’t exactly flying in at the moment. Many marketeers now have to run at double-speed to even catch up with the most burning issues.

This sacrifices development work and process optimizations that could have helped you perform even better.

But help is here. If you have a look at your spendings one thing is for sure: At least one of your activities has low or no value.

If you kill that activity you can free funds to buy help to get through your project – and you have no idea how much help you can get for the price of e.g. an ad!

Give Brandman a call and get a step-by-step guide on how to start getting help.